Zerain’s prison or dungeon was built together with the Town Hall in 1711. At that time it was mandatory to build the prison together with other public services.

The main characteristic of the prison is that its four walls are lined with thick oak boards. The stones of the wall were bonded with clay, and the prisoners could scratch this clay and take out some stones to escape. Lining the walls with oak boards it was more difficult for the prisoners to escape.

We can also see the stocks, handcuffs and leg irons used to restraint the prisoners. Anyway not all the prisoners were restrained, only the most dangerous. Some were tied standing against the walls and others lying down with big stocks.

Through centuries the prison had different kinds of “visitors”: normally it was used as a transitory prison. At year 1835, 26 war prisoners were brought to work at the mines. At the 20th century the prison was less used, and nowadays we keep this prison as a reminder of our history, the only one 18th century prison still standing at Gipuzkoa.


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