Together with agriculture, sheepherding has been and is very important in Zerain. The cheese made by the local shepherds is Idiazabal cheese, and there still are several shepherds in Zerain. The tourism office offers the possibility to visit two of them.

Jabier Muñoa, shepherd of Basazabal, opens his doors to anyone willing to see how Idiazabal cheese is made.

At Basazabal they make a high quality cheese combining the know how of father Julian and grandfather Patxi with the newest discoveries. His sheep graze at Basazabal farm’s fields and at the communal lands of Oamendi at the foots of Aizkorri.

Jon is a young shepherd born at Usurbil. Willing to avoid city live, he studied at the sheepherding school and now lives in Zerain. Jon’s sheep graze at the fields of Zerain in winter and at Aralar in summer.

Both shepherds show to the visitors the woks of the stable, how they milk the sheep and make cheese. They also explain the secrets to be able to make the best Idiazabal Protected Designation of Origin cheese.

The visitor can also see the pastures, stables, milking systems, milk containers, rennet, moulds, press, refrigerators, etc.

It’s a great opportunity to know how the Basque shepherds work and taste the great cheese that is the result of their work.


Note: Visits are organized only for groups (minimum 15 people) and previous reservation is needed. The visits are organized from January to June.


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